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Photographic Papers
BERGGER Fine Art »Portrait«

PRESTIGE FINE ART - »Portrait« is an extra-premium (320g/m²), semi-matte photographic paper with a 100% cotton rag base. It a single grade emulsion (approximately grade 2) which is particularly high in silver content and gives extremely deep blacks and wide range of mid-tones.  It has excellent toning capability and due to the quality of its paper base and surface softness, it allows un-matched possibilities of hand-coloring.

PRESTIGE FINE ART - »Portrait« also gives wonderful results when used to make contact prints from large negatives made with BPF 200 film.

Red safelight such as from a Wratten 1A is recommended. With direct illumination from a 15 Watt bulb. Direct minimum working distance is 1.5m (5 feet). It is a good idea to test for safelight fog from time-to-time.
FINE ART »Portrait« can be exposed with all types of enlarger and printer light source. Exact exposure times may be found by test strips (small, extra sheets of the paper are enclosed for this purpose).
Process in any good quality paper developer at 20C (68F) for 2 to 3 min. with continuous agitation.
An acid stop bath is optional but recommended. It quickly stops development by neutralizing alkali. This also helps extend fixer life. Dilution : 25 cc of 28% acetic acid in 1 liter of water. Stop bath time: 15 seconds or 20 to 30 seconds of water rinse.
FIXING (maximum time: 10 minutes)
Treat in a conventional sodium thiosultate fixer for a minimum of 5 min. at 20C (68F). Normal fixer capacity is 1.5 sqm/liter. A two bath fixing method (at 2.5 min. per bath) may be used to avoid under-fixing. When the first bath is exhausted, replace it with the second bath and mix a fresh << second bath >>. With ammonium thiosulfate rapid fixers, treat for 30 to 45 seconds only, then give a thorough pre-wash for 5 min, Next, treat with a wash-aid (see  WASHING  below) with frequent agitation for 10 min. before transferring to a final wash.
The use of a wash aid (such as Kodak Hypo Clearing Agent) will reduce your wash time and increase the efficiency of your washing. As well, it will help guarantee the permanence of your photograph. Wash PRESTIGE in running water at a rate fast enough to completely change once every 5 minutes. Wash time is 1 hour at 20C (68F) or 30 min. if a wash aid has been used.
To effect even and rapid drying, you may use a wetting agent as a final rinse. Excess water should be removed from the surface of prints with a clean sponge or squeegee. Prints may then be dried in dust-free air on drying screens or in a clean photo-blotter.

Note:  While Bergger Products Inc have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this data, it is always advisable to run some tests of your own before developing important work.  Please use these times as starting points only.  Data like this should always be treated as guidelines because of the tremendous number of variables involved.

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