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Black&White film

BPF 200 - BPF 400   Bergger plan film  
BRF 200 - BRF 400   Bergger roll film  

Bergger BPF and BRF are fine-grained medium-speed black-and-white films. They contain emulsions with high edge definition, which in combination with fine grain development and extensive exposure latitude offers a wide tonal range.
  • It has wide exposure latitude and produces very sharp images.

  • The films provide beautiful results with common developers. Furthermore this material is highly qualified for processes like PMK and other Pyro developers.

    All the people who were fans of SuperXX and similar emulsions should take this sheet film in serious consideration.
    ISO 200 and 400 panchromatic film is ideal for use with Alternatives Processes or for Zone System controls.
    Perfect for large format photography. Has a polyester support of 175µm with an anti- halation backing.

    BPFB- 18   orthochromatic film  

    A continuous-tone, orthochromatic film for exposure by contact or projection. Gradation is medium to hard. Can be used with lith developer. Comes on a Polyester support of 175µ with an anti-halation backing.


    Sizes and Prices



    Sizes and Prices