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Alternative Printing and Chemistry
Salted paper kit (Kalotype/Talbotype)

A high quality paper (e.g. watercolour paper, barely spread with glue) can be made sensitive to light by coating it with a salt solution first. After drying it will then be coated with a silver nitrate solution. Kalotype is named after the Greek adjective for »beautiful«. Depending on the kind of paper, the glue, and the silver contents of the solution it will produce any tone from light shades of red, almost transparent, to cold, deep shades of brown. So the kind of materials used determines wether the effect is romantic or rather cool and rational.

With salt paper prints an enormous range of contrasts is possible. By the print-out method in contact printing frames underneath a strong UV source (e.g. the sun) high negative contrasts through »self-masking-effect« will be evened out.

  • 22 g Sodium citrate
  • 22 g Ammonium citrate
  • 8 g Gelatine powder
  • (sufficient for 1 l coating solution)
  • 25 ml Silver nitrate solution
  • Directions for use

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    working instructions


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