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Alternative Printing and Chemistry
Pyrogallol- Developer

PMK (Pyrogallol-Metol-Kodalk)
formula according to Gordon Huchings

Rollo-Pyro (for rotation development)
formula accordng to Harald Leban
Pyrogallol is a colouring developer substance.
Proportional to the amount of reduced silver a yellowish-green stained image emerges which covers(masks) the grain and  increases the print density as well.

For alternative processes - like platinium print- which are exposed to light containing a large amount of UV-rays the stained image enhances the contrast.

This is one of the reasons for a lot of practising alternative photographers to use Pyrogallol (PMK) as a developer.
This way you can have the best of both worlds:
A 13x18cm negative where you can easily produce  enlargements or contact prints and you can also make  excellent platinium prints.
Thus the complicated production of special high contrast negatives becomes unnecessary.
But Pyrogallol has even further attractive qualities:
Pyro-negatives have a high acutance and show very finely and distinctly defined differences in the tonal range.
This is especially important when photographing in opposite light. The lights are very differenciated,
the shadows show a lot of detail, medium tones are clearly visible.

Net prices excl. V.A.T. in €
0,75 litre 25,00
1,5 litre42,00
3 litre72,50

PMK refill
0,75 litre 23,00
1,5 litre39,00
3 litre68,00

0,75 litre 26,50
1,5 litre43,00
3 litre75,00

Rollo-Pyro refill
0,75 litre 24,00
1,5 litre39,50
3 litre68,00

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