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The Lotus Rapid Field

Front axis tilt Limited only by the bellows
Front base tilt 23° forward/ 90° back
Front swing +/- 27°
Front rise and fall 75 mm
Front lateral shift 80 mm

Back base tilt 90° back/ 90° forward
Back axis tilt Special order
Back swing +/- 18°
Back rise and fall Total 68 mm
Back lateral shift +/- 150 mm

Groundglass With grid
Groundglass frame Insertion of sheetfilmholder from right or left side.
Bellows changeable yes
Minimum bellows draw 85 mm
Maximum bellows draw 600 mm

Finish of wood Oiled and waxed
Lensboard Technika style or custom design
Tripod thread 3/8"
Weight without lens 2,8 kg
Net price on request

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