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The Lotus Rapid Field

The Lotus 20x24" is the first big studio and field camera controlled by lightweight and reliable 12V motors common in the aircraft industry.

This version is equipped with motorized movements for:
- focus
- front rise and fall
- front shift
- motorized front axis tilt is optional.

Rear base tilt is controlled manually Camera is shown mounted on its specially designed caddy. With its framework of 80x65cm, the caddy is small enough to pass through any door. Small wheels are for use in the studio, mountain bike wheels for moving the camera off road.

Another useful feature is this small hand driven generator which creates all the power needed for operation of the Lotus 20x24" in the field.
Included in the basic version of the camera.

The caddy - can be lifted 40cm.
There are 2 options according to the needs of the photographer:

  • gear drive, cog-rail and shock absorber using a crank
  • 12-24V electrically controlled cog-rail For leveling the camera even under rough conditions, the caddy provides a system which makes it possible to point camera upwards or downwards by as much as 15cm.

    Look at the easily movable design of camera and caddy unit. This package fits into every minivan and can be easily moved in the field by one person.

    This light weight extrusion system was designed for extreme conditions: it is used for skyscraper window framing. The precision is unquestionable.

    Staying behind the groundglass you have total control over your picture. Moving the joystick or turning the generator's wheel, free to do your art.

    According to focal length of your lens you push the upper extension by hand into the approximate position. After this fine-tuning is done by this motor and gear. It takes only seconds.

    For leveling you can point camera downwards, upward or sideward up to 15 degrees.

  • System chart

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