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The Lotus Rapid Field

Front axis tilt Limited only by the bellows
Front base tilt 45° forward/ 90° back
Front swing 56°
Front rise and fall 132 mm
Front lateral shift 180 mm

Back base tilt 35° back/ 90° forward
Back axis tilt Special order
Back swing 50°
Back rise and fall Total 120 mm (Special order)
Back lateral shift 520 mm

Groundglass Special order with grid
Groundglass frame Interchangeable around 180°
Bellows changeable Yes
Maximum bellows draw 1150 mm
Minimum bellows draw 220 mm

Finish of wood Oiled and waxed
Lensboard Deardorff-Type (6x6" with rounded corners) or custom design. Adapters for Technika style boards are available.
Tripod thread 3/8"
Weight without lens 11,5 kg
Net price on request

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