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We are proud to offer to you tripods and accessories from Berlebach. Berlebach Stativtechnik have nearly hundred years of expierence and are specialized in the production of wooden tripods with a maximum of vibration damping.
Tripods from Berlebach are mostly used in photography, video, survey technique and astronomy.


REPORT Tripod system

All tripods are aviable with single leg extention and double leg extention.
Mounting head with easy- to- read 360° scale and spring- mounted fastening screw: 1/4" standard, 3/8" and 5/8" optional.
This tripod version is especially suitable for heavy apparatus as the spring-mounted fastening screw is capable of holding any equipment without problems. Very well suited to work near ground level.


Logo Berlebach
Model 1012...9013
Mounting head with centre column; standard length 50 cm, see accessories for other lengths.
Fastening screw: standard 1/4", 3/8" and 5/8" optional.
Centre column gives additional convenient height adjustment. These centre columns are made from precision- drawn light- metal tubing and are built into the tripod to fit precisely. Use of an extra short centre column (10cm) enables near- ground-level work.


Model 1022...9023
Mounting head with ball/socket and built-in spirit level.
Maintenance free ball seated in high-grade plastic, spring- mounted fastening screw: 1/4" standard, 3/8" and 5/8" optional.
This tripod version is equiped with an additional levelling facility to allow precise 30° adjustment in all directions. A very valuable feature when working on uneven ground. Especially recommended for heavy equipment.


Model 1042...9043
Mounting head with ball/socket, built-in spirit level and centre column (standard length 50cm)
Maintenance free ball seated in high-grade plastic fastening screw: 1/4" standard, 3/8" and 5/8" optional.
This is the top-of-the-line model which delivers perfect results in any conditions. For many work assignments there is no need to use a tripod head. Large heights can be reached and near-to-ground work is possible by using the various centre columns. Extremely convenient when working on uneven ground.


Model 1032...9033
UNI Tripod system

Berlebach's UNI tripod system has been specially developed with the professional in mind. Strong leg segments made of high quality ash wood combined with precisely manufactured metal components guarantee the everlasting durability demanded by the professional user. This tripod system is suitable for all camera sizes and is the perfect solution for universal applications, such as studio, nature, industrial and technical photography.

Unipods are used for all assignments where there is insufficient room for a tripod and where snapshots have to be taken in just a few seconds, e.g. in sports photography. They are available in two sizes. An interated tripod head enables vertical tilt. Extensions are continuously variable. The Unipod stands firmly in place thanks to interchangeable steel spikes or rubber feet.


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