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Filters - compendia
Lee Filters

Lee Filter
The Lee Filter Holder System is so versatile that it can be fitted to almost any lense on almost any camera. Adapter rings, which screw onto the front of the lens to accommodate the filter holder are available from stock in a wide range of sizes and allow for quick and easy handling and exchange of filters.
High-quality Lee gelatin filters allow the simulation of actually existing tonal relationships in black-and-white photography or, if desired, they allow a realistic representation to be skillfully rendered unfamiliar.

Filter for Black and White Photography »Black and White Set«
Our Basic Set entails a quartet of filters which all absorb varying degrees of the blue and blue-green parts of the spectrum, creating different tones and contrasts of skies and foliage on black and white film. They can also be used to create special effects.
Available in polyester in the sizes 100 x 100 mm and 150 x 150 mm.

Filters for Colour Photography
Numerous effect filters are available for colour photography as well. These filters can be used to create tints, soft focus, colour graduations, mist or stars and numerous other effects.
Resin filters and graduated filters are available upon request.




Ask for the catalogue and the pricelist!


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