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Alternative Printing and Chemistry
Deville drying trays

Made of fiberglass screening and held by a rigid PVC frame to resist corrosion, the Deville print drying screens are lightweight and strong.Part of a clever space saving system,these screens present the ideal way to dry prints without sticking.

The 'L' profile of the frames allows the user to stack them without the sheets touching one another.
With four guide-clips you can stack up to four drying screens, one on top of the other.

The wall support system helps to save valuable lab space. A specially designed rack holds up to ten drying screens which can be inserted in a horizontal position for drying.
After use, the screens can be stored in a diagonal position taking only a third of space.

Available in two sizes:
30x40cm and 50x60cm.

The complete system is very practical and carries the clean aesthetics typical for Deville products.

product length width weight
frame 30x40 cm 0,50 m 0,40 m 0,78 kg
frame 50x60 cm 0,68 m 0,60 m 1,15 kg
guide-clips 0,15 m 0,14 m 0,40 kg

German version

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wall support system

you need less space
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