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Contact printing frames

What is a printing frame used for?
For most alternative photographic processes in which a large-format negative is exposed in contact with a positive carrier:
Contact copies on printout paper (albumen prints, platinum and palladium prints, oil and bromide prints, carbon prints, etc.)
What does it do?
It brings the negative into direct contact with the paper carrier, pressing them firmly together across the entire surface, without any air bubbles.
Since high-class printers often work with textured artist paper, the printing frame must also be able to bring textured paper into the closest contact with the negative.
In this case possible variation of pressure is extremely useful.
A good printing frame renders expensive vacuum presses unnecessary.
What will you get?
This design is meant for practitioners for whom the existing products are too feeble.
Our contact printing frames are manufactured of waxed cherrywood with a split back for better handling (you can check your print without moving it) with anodized black springs and also two aluminium bars where you slip the springs.
The back is covered with dense felt.
This means:
You'll buy an article which will last for a lifetime and which pleases your eyes as well as your demands for perfect functioning.
Available in the sizes:
  • 10x12" (also good for 8x10")
  • 12x16" (good also for 11x14")
  • 20x24" (with three springs, good
         also for 8x20", 12x20", 16x20").




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    Model 12x16"



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