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Lensboards - adapterboards

I. Lens Board
1. Lens Board (wood) 4x5" for Wisner, Tachihara, Deardorff ...
2. Lens Board (wood) 8x10" for Wisner, Gandolfi, Deardorff ...

II. Adapter Board

1. Adapter Board for Linhof-Technika Lensboards Adapter Board which makes lensboards from Linhof-Technika suitable for Deardorff and Wisner Cameras. A fine piece of wood- and metal-craft, which serves not only a functional but also an aesthetic purpose.

2. Adapter Board for Canham
Adapter Board which makes lensboards from Deardorff- (4x5" und 5x7") and Wisner (4x5" und 5x7") suitable for the Canham (4x5" and 5x7"). Precision mechanical work in brass and black eloxated aluminium.


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6x6" Deardorff

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